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IT Baker Solutions India Pvt Ltd professional corporate services company which delivers end-to-end IT infrastructure and Integrated Building Management solutions to our customers, which helps them to keep pace with the demands of their ever-changing business environments. We also believe to leverage its deep understanding of the mid- market & Enterprise segment to provide great Value for Money to our customers in all their purchases. Today, we brings together diverse technologies from best-of-breed technology vendors, consulting & field expertise to provide customer focused solutions..


Our Employes

Dedicated customer support 24/7

Our team works with you in understanding your requirements and suggests you solutions that fully correspond to your needs. We provide conceptual, functional & presentation development to your company and help you grow in all respects.

With experts from all over the india we transform creativity to technology in delivering competitive advantage to businesses in almost all IT sectors. Keeping updated with the latest technological trends and having an excellent management and training staff we make sure to give the best to our clients.



An Exciting and challenging work place

‘IT Baker Solutions India Pvt Ltd’ is helping you to get a personal growth in terms of knowledge. IT Baker Solutions India Pvt Ltd all over the office premises help to make your work all the more interesting. Value Tech Services provides you with best remuneration in the industry according to the norms, experience in the field and qualification to keep you satisfied mentally as well as monetarily. The eligibility criteria of the employee is decided by the company itself which has to be met by the candidates to get on board with the job.

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